Why Oxydrate ?

  • Revolutionary technology and process that is rewriting the laws of molecular physics of water
  • Double the health benifits : Alkaline Water plus Oxygen
  • Capitalize on current Alkaline Water boom and allows for product diversificatioon beyond PH level.

We have developed and patented the equipment and the process to infusse molecular oxygen into water at the molecular level. During the process, the polar covalent bond that creates water’s surface tension is relaxed allowing for the infusion process of dissolved oxygen (O2) into the water. At the end of the process, the water remains water but with a higher concentration of dissolved oxygen (MDO).
Being that the molecular weight of water is 18 amu and the molecular weight of oxygen is 32 amu, our oxygenated water is denser and stays infsued, not rising and escaping as it would with traditional bubble/aeration technology.

Our Strenth Is The Technology

Our patented equipment and process is mobile and scalable, giving us unique flexiblity to capitalize on and partner with local, regional, and national opportunities.
Our bottling partner, SAI Water Technologies, has the capability to increase production to meet any level of demand.